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Maybe you initially invested in Engagisuite for you own use only… or maybe you are thinking that finding and doing work for clients is not something you are comfortable doing.

However… We know from experience that Engagisuite is so powerful and profitable that over 80% of our members eventually start using it to sell social media marketing services to clients for a huge profit.

That’s why we would hate to see you miss out on this deal. The Agency Kit is the ultimate shortcut to profit and success and… we unfortunately know that you will be kicking yourself later, when you need it but can no longer access it.

This Agency Kit is only available right here today, for new customers like you only.

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With Engagisuite you now have your hands on arguable the most powerful social media marketing suite ever created.

Even better… you have full commercial rights to it and you can immediately start profiting by starting and running campaigns for clients and customers.

Now, we now that the #1 challenge facing new members is finding new clients and convincing them to pay you.

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Our focus with this Engagisuite Agency Kit is to give you everything you need and to help you make your first buck using your new software system… and then easily scaling from there to $1,000s in monthly earnings.

This private Engagisuite Agency Kit is dedicated to your success, no matter your level of business expertise:

It is perfect for:

Newbies… If you are just starting out trying to make money online, this agency kit will shave months of your learning curve. Get your first paying client, make your first sale and get started… without having to worry about any complicated stuff – it’s all done for you!

Beginners… If you are already some online money here and there… This agency kit is exactly what you need in order to quickly ramp things up and increase your earnings. You’ll instantly open up a new, highly profitable income stream – where most of the tedious work has been done for you!

Pros… If you’re already making money online, but want to scale your business to the next level, expand or improve your potential… then this agency kit is your surefire bet. Get more high paying clients fast and quickly deliver results while maintaining an insane profit margin using Engagisuite.

And it doesn’t matter if you have all the time in the world to commit to this system or if you just have a few minutes a day to set things up and check your status… this will literally work for anyone, anywhere!

Having been in the industry for so long, we completely understand the key factors that can keep anyone from actually taking any substantial action towards any goal.

So we have taken our time to get all the initial work done for you…

Yes… all the materials you need, have been created and tested for you! 

We will also be by your side, pushing, motivating and most importantly strategizing with you every step of the way!

With the Engagisuite Agency Kit… you are no longer trying to do it alone. You have us behind you, and it’s a guaranteed SUCCESS for you!

Here’s Everything You Get
Instant Access To With Your
Engagisuite Agency Kit Today!

Agency Website Template

A completely “done for you” website that has been continuously proven to convert and generate tons of paying clients on demand. Simply edit a few details… then upload the site and you are ready to take orders within seconds. This “ready-to-go” site features:

  • A well placed top menu to give visitors quick access to all sections of the website including your phone number for a quick call
  • Call to action buttons at strategic places, keeping them handy and ready to close a client
  • An about section to describe your goals and mission
  • A services section that details exactly what you can do for them
  • A full set of Engagisuite campaign samples showing your potential client the actual exactly what you can do for them
  • A latest work section to showcase some of your completed works and case studies
  • A testimonial section to show what feedback and comments you have received and what your previous clients had to say
  • A pricing section to help you close recurring clients and put them on a monthly service package
  • A quote section to capture custom service orders

And much more…

How To Customize Your Agency Website
Step By Step Training Videos

While using and customizing your new “done for you” agency website is already very easy…

We want to make absolutely sure that you get off to a great start without running into any technical difficulties or headaches… and we certainly don’t want you to waste any time getting started.

That’s why we have recorded a set of step-by-step training videos showing you exactly how to get started. You will discover:

  • How to easily upload your website and get it online
  • How to customize your website, even if you have zero HTML or programming knowledge
  • How to add testimonials, payment buttons, contact forms etc.
  • And much more

Everything will be covered in detail… but broken up into easy bite sized step.
The goal is to get you started immediately with absolutely no delay!

Fiverr Business Kit

A lot of our current Engagisuiteuite customers are making thousands of dollars  a month on Fiverr. Here we have created a complete Engagisuite Fiverr business kit for you. You can deploy this today to immediately start raking in $100s on the side.

These include 10 different captivating  “done for you” Fiverr gigs. These are fully developed, with description, upsells and delivery format explanations… just cut and paste this into Fiverr and you are all set up!

You will also get the corresponding 10 Fiverr gig graphics to serve as that all important scroll stopper, making sure your gigs get attention and covert browsers into customers.

Combined, these will give you the competitive edge over any other social media service provider on Fiverr, and ensure you get your first client faster than you ever thought possible.

With the Engagisuite Fiverr Business Kit, all you have to do is sign up to Fiverr, deploy these materials and start selling immediately.

Full Media Branding Kit

When you do a deal, make a sale or talk to clients, you need to look professional in everything you do.
This goes right down to the branding on your stationery for invoices, quotes and more.
We’ll give you a fully editable document kit, so you can create anything and everything you need, in a fully editable source files.
This is exactly what you need to easily get things off to a polished and professional start when dealing with your new clients.

Powerpoint Presentation

This fully branded and editable slideshow is perfect for crafting your own sales video, a pitch video, training or whatever else you may need. 

The key thing is, that it is branded in the exact same way as your site and your other business materials!

Business Card

You can’t have a business card that doesn’t look consistent with your website and stationery… after all, you are building a brand here!

Our super slick business card template allows you to easily point & click your way to your very own professional business card. It comes with full source files and many different fonts, so it’s ready to go as soon as you add your own contact info.

Ad Kit

A complete set of “cut & paste” Facebook Ads you can use to both get new leads for your social media marketing services and to directly sell the services you can easily fulfill using Engagisuite.

This also includes killer video ads and Instagram ad templates!

How to Get Clients – Exclusive Video Training

Now that you have zSuite and all this excellent marketing material, the missing link is how to use it and how to get clients.

Don’t worry… We will guide you through everything in this step by step video training series that will leave no stone unturned. We’ll show you exactly how we find, convert and retain our own clients, so you can quickly copy your way to success.

This is 100% the best way to get the most from your Engagisuite Agency Kit purchase today.

Exclusive VIP Bonus
1 On 1 Personal Support With Q&A Sessions

Did we mention that we really want you to succeed with this?

That’s why… For the next few people who order this Agency Kit, we will even throw in direct and personal access to us.

We’ll give you direct access for personal support and we will jump on live Q&A calls with you so you can get all your questions answered immediately!

“Okay, Count Me In..
But How Much Is This Engagisuite Agency Kit?”

Much less than you’d think!

Considering the sheer amount of done for you material in this kit, the training… and the fact that netting just one client could easily be worth more than $500 for you..

We could definitely charge big bucks for this.

However, we are 100% dedicated to seeing you succeed with Engagisuite and that’s why we have decided to put a more symbolic price tag on this Agency Kit.

Think of it as your personal commitment to taking action… and more importantly as a way to invest into your future wealth and success!

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Yup, we’re taking on all the risk again… so you don’t have to.

That actually means that you get a chance to jump in, use everything and sign up your first paying clients… before you decide whether it’s the right thing for you!

We don’t even care if you sell hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of campaigns to clients via lucrative recurring contracts. Whatever you make with this Agency Kit is yours to keep, now and forever… no matter what you decide!

That’s how confident we are that you are going to love this!

If you are at all serious about changing your financial future – then there is only one thing left to do…

Take action today and invest in your future…

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