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Intelligent Geo Tracking

Use advanced geo-intelligence to limit your social media contest and giveaways to particular countries and locations.

This allows you to build super targeted and segmented lists based on location.

… and it means you can use Engagisuite to build a list & following in any market and in any language!

Full Analytics

Get detailed stats and analytics on all your campaigns and user activity.

Easily discover what works, what actions your users are taking and also what could be tweaked and improved.

Armed with detailed analytics and stats you can easily optimize your campaigns and constantly improve your results!

Mobile Enforcer

This allows you to easily restrict your campaigns to mobile and tablet platforms only.

Another fantastic tool that will instantly boost your conversion rates and allow you to build a highly targeted following by giving people content that is specifically tailored to the device they are using.

Powerful Exit Pop-Ups

Easily use attention grabbing exit style pop-ups to boost your Engagisuite campaigns.

With this powerful module you can quickly deploy exit pops based on:

How much time people spend on your site
Whether they are trying to leave
How far down your page they have scrolled.

These exit pop-ups are 100% proven to increase your conversion rates and build your list and following fast.

Refer A Friend Template

With the premade refer a friend template you can easily create campaigns that turn you customers, leads and followers in to your own personal army of 24/7 sales agents.

App Download Template

Need more downloads of your apps on iTunes and Google play? … No problem, we’ve got you covered.

These premade templates lets you easily launch unlimited campaigns that entice people to downloads your apps and rewards them for doing so.

Gated Content Templates

Super easy to use templates that allows you to require that people share or like your page before they get access to your content.

This is a super effective way to turn every single visitor and reader into more traffic. This can easily double or even triple your traffic overnight!

Custom Campaigns

As a pro member you will get full freedom to build exactly what you want. You won’t be limited by templates and instead you can create campaigns from the ground up, completely tailored to your specific needs!

Slide In Campaigns

Publish your Engagisuite campaigns as attention grabbing slide ins on any website.

Embed On Any Website

With our custom built widget you will also be able to embed your campaigns as an in-line widget… on any page!

Age Restrictions

Add age restrictions to your campaigns to ensure you always stay within the terms of service.

… and build an extremely well targeted list and following by targeting your campaigns to a very specific age group.

Get More Youtube Subscribers, Traffic From
LinkedIn & Run Huge Crowdfunding Campaigns
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As a Pro member you will also get instant access to a lot of extra actions you can add to your campaigns. This means that you can also get your visitors to…

  • Share your site with their friends
  • Answer questions and polls
  • Share to LinkedIn
  • Subscribe and follow on Twitch
  • Visit an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign
  • Subscribe to your Youtube channel
  • And much, much more

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